The product line includes a complete selection of shampoos and conditioners, body softeners, soaps, and sunblocks, along with a line of special cosmetics.

Through direct work with laboratories experienced in development of herbal and nature-based products, the Company will utilize only natural ingredients which have been gathered from plant products from around the world; the processing of the products will exceed FDA regulations for product saftey. There will be no synthetic substances or petroleum in any product, only totally natural, organic and biodegradable ingredients will be used. In addition, the Company will use no animal testing in the development of its product line nor will it use any plant on the endangered list.

Specifically, the personal care line will include: liquid bath soap, shower gel, massage oil, bath oil, body lotion, herbal shampoo and conditioner, sun tanning gels/lotions and sun screens, and moisturizers. These products will serve a number of functions: cleaning, healing, moisturizing, softening, replenishing, etc. The cosmetic line will include: lip glossers, vitamin E sticks, eye liners and shadows, foundations, blushes, toners and mask.

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