Is Your Body A Garbage Dump?

Is Your Body A Garbage Dump?

What would happen to your house if you never took out the garbage, clean out the refrigerator, change air filters , or did any spring cleaning? Your home would soon be filled with junk. There would mice and rats and bugs of every kind. In addition to garbage, there would be accumulations of animal feces, parasites, and all kinds of molds. Even if your house had been a beautiful mansion, it would soon become uninhabitable.

What if you decided to reclaim your house? Where you begain? Would you have an exterminators come and spray for bugs? Would you set up traps for mice? Clearly, that would be addressing the symptoms — not the underlying problems (as in the modern medical approach). A sounder approach would be to start by getting rid of the garbage. This would require two actions; STOP BRINGING GARBAGE IN AND BEGIN CLEANING GARBAGE OUT.

Thing of your body as a marvelous house. The architect and builder? God Himself. The house that is your body, howerver, is far more complex and wouderful than any mansion. Your heart is more magnificent than any pump, your eyes more capable than the most sophisticated cameras, and your brain more incredible than all the computers in the world, but, just like the mansion, your body can become overrun with garbage that, in time, can render to be useless.

Julian Whitaker, M.D. of Wellness Today, July 1993, said

‘…diet is the single most powerful tool for the treatment of disease. More powerful than drugs. More powerful than surgery. More powerful than anything in the doctor’s bag. And you can do it yourself…’